Construction Updates

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2022 CONSTRUCTION UPDATES - always check back for news! 

Welcome to our Construction Updates page. Here, we will be posting regular updates on larger construction projects in the City that affect our residents, such as any underground work that re-routes traffic, any major paving projects with detours or lane restrictions, etc.


Projects are now begining for the season. Please be aware that any schedules are subject to change due to weather and other scheduling factors. Affected residents WILL receive notice from the contractor prior to work beginning. You may also have been the recipient of this CONSTRUCTION NOTICE to your mailbox, which was distributed for pre-construction information. 

Locations for the 2022 program were selected from the condition assessment database that were all identified as being in very poor condition.


Identified projects and their timelines (click on MAP for each project for a work area) include:

Early May:

4th Ave SE (Settlement repairs) - early May - couple of days work. MAP - COMPLETED
10th Avenue NW - Cheadle to Chaplin - early May start, approx 2 weeks long. MAP

Middle May:

Jubilee Drive - Jubilee Road to North Hill Drive - STARTS MAY 16MAP 
Central Ave & Cheadle St. Intersection - mid-May and into late July. about 49 days. MAP
300 BLK Central Ave - DT Sidewalk Rehab & Central & Herbert - STARTS MONDAY MAY 16 about 2 weeks long. MAP
10th Ave NE (Chaplin St to North St) - 2nd week of May start, about 2 weeks long.  MAP
Cheadle St E (Central Ave to Alley) - north sidewalk repair. Mid-May to early June, about 2 weeks. MAP 
South Railway St. W (Treens to Triways) - 2nd week May to 3rd week May, about 6 days. MAP

Late May into early June:

Gladstone St. W (11th SW to Field Drive) - near end of May, approx 3 days. MAP
Gladstone St. E. (2nd Ave SE to 4th Ave SE) - 3rd week of May, approx 3 days. MAP
Central Ave S & Gladstone intersection - 3rd week of May - couple of days work. MAP
Gladstone St. E. (8th Ave SE to Golf Course Entrance) - end of May, into early June. approx 4 days. MAP

Chaplin St. (11th Ave NE to 13th Ave NE) - 1st week of June, couple of days. MAP
Sidney St. W. (Central Ave to 1st Ave NW) - 2nd week of June, couple of weeks long. MAP

5th Ave SE & Weaver Cres. - grant dependent - MAP
1st Ave NW & Sidney St. - grant dependent - MAP



 Paving Notice Flyer