Emergency Management Organization (EMO)

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Welcome to City of Swift Current Emergency Management Organization (EMO)

The City of Swift Current takes the safety and well-being of its residents and visitors very seriously.  Although the coordination of emergency response efforts rests within the Fire Department, every municipal department has a role to play in responding to and mitigating, when possible, major emergencies happening within our City.  However, each member of our community must take responsibility for their own protection and the protection of their families and property.  To this end, we recommend that all citizens learn about emergency preparedness (GetPrepared.gc.ca) and have sufficient supplies for the necessities of life to survive on their own for a period of 72 hours (72-Hour Emergency Kit).

For your own preparedness strategy please take the time and go through the information that we have provided you.

Are you and your loved ones prepared?

The two most common natural and human-caused risks and hazards that occur in Saskatchewan are floods and wild land fires. Other risks and hazards are blizzards, droughts, tornadoes, and hazardous materials incidents.

The City of Swift Current in the effort to help its citizens in the time of emergency have introduced Swift Current Alerts which is an emergency notification system that is powered by Voyent Alert! This system is designed to keep residents safe and well-informed in times of crisis. Register today to receive access to local, trusted, and timely information that will help you and your loved ones be safe during an emergency situation in and around the community.

Please contact EMO Coordinator Ed Fonger with any questions or inquiries: 306-778-2769 or scemo@swiftcurrent.ca

Contact Information

EMO Coordinator - Ed Fonger
Phone - 306-778-2769
Email - scemo@swiftcurrent.ca