Power Outages

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The City of Swift Current operates its own electrical utility, Swift Current Light and Power, providing electrical power to the citizens within its franchise area.  Swift Current Light and Power maintains our electrical grid in a professional manner and updates the infrastructure as necessary to ensure the safe and steady supply of power to our citizens.  The power we supply is purchased in bulk from SaskPower with two main transmission lines and has the ability to cross feed should one source be compromised.  Plans are in place to restore power in less than 8 hours for most events.

The risk of an extended power outage in the City is low, however, these events do occur at times, usually caused by major weather events that are wide spread such as the wind storm that affected Prince Albert a few years ago.  Should the power go out, start by contacting Light and Power at 306-778-2770 to report the outage.  If the outage lasts beyond 8 hours, you may want take steps to heat your home.  Here are a few tips to ensure you do it safely.

  • If you use a portable generator, make sure it is running outside only.  If it runs inside, it will give off carbon monoxide gas which is deadly.  Put it outside and run extension cords into the home.
  • If you use a wood burning stove or fireplace, be sure it is properly vented and that you dispose of the ashes in a metal container away from the house.
  • Close any ventilation inlets or outlets that could allow cold air into the house.
  • Be cautious using candles for light, they must be continuously monitored as they can start a fire very quickly. Use flashlights for portable lighting.
  • DO NOT connect a portable generator to your electrical system unless you have a certified transfer switch at the main service connection.  A generator connected to the electrical system will feed power back out into the grid and could electrocute the linemen working to restore power.
  • Have a portable radio to listen for news updates, monitor social media, and sign up for Swift Current Alerts for information about the restoration of power.