Yard Waste Program

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The Yard Waste Program operates at the landfill year-round and at the community bin sites, while weather permits. The community bins are closed for the winter season, so please take yard waste directly to the landfill. The bins are expected to be open again in April, weather permitting. Here is what to expect: 

Yard Waste Setup - For Web

NEW: Two monitored, fenced disposal sites

With the two yard waste disposal sites fenced, monitored by an attendant, and operating on a schedule, we can now offer an enhanced Residential Yard Waste Program, providing: 

  • Improved safety onsite
  • Improved control over contamination (such as plastic bags and household waste) 
  • Improved products for composting,including onsite wood chipping


NEW: Arriving prepared and emptying contents

The Yard Waste Program changes in effect make an impact on how residents will be required to organize and separate yard waste before transporting it for disposal, and on their experience once arriving at either of the Residential Yard Waste Sites. Below are some tips to help you prepare for your visit. 

1.    Separate wood/branches from organic yard waste BEFORE you leave your home.

     - Grass clippings, Leaves, Weeds, Plant Matter, Potting Soil
     - No plastic bags, no pots, nor non-compostable materials. 

     - Branches - thickness must be 8 inch diameter or less, for onsite chipping purposes 
     - No Larger Branches, ( >8”dia) 
     - Please transport oversized branches (which are subject to fees, minimum $10 charge and up) to Landfill wood pile for commercial chipping

2.    Follow attendant’s direction for parking and unloading at the sites. Click here for PDF layout of the sites. 

3.    Empty the contents of bags and containers into the bins and adhere to the instructions given by the attendant.  
     - Reusable containers for yard waste collection, such as garbage cans that you are no longer using for household waste, are easy to empty and take back home. 
     - Emptied plastic bags can be deposited in the garbage cart provided onsite. 

NEW: Locations and Hours of Operation

Bins are located at: 
     - Innovation Credit Union I-Plex,  North parking lot
     - Swift Current Mall,  West parking lot

Sites will be open: 
    - Wednesdays and Thursdays Evenings from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm 
    - Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm

The City Landfill also has a FREE Yard Waste and Branch disposal area, open Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, year-round. Please comply with these specifications: 

  • Empty the contents of yard waste bags as directed by landfill attendant, for FREE disposal (for residents only) all year long.
  • Bagged yard waste will be subject to applicable fees, so it pays to de-bag your yard waste!  
  • Dispose of branches under 8 inches in diameter for FREE (for residents only), as directed by landfill attendant.
  • Oversized branches over 8 inches in diameter are subject to fees, from a minimum of $10/load and up.
  • Fees applied by scale operator are final. 
  • Commercial source yard waste and tree branches are not included in this program.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why aren’t you using the same sites as last year? 

  • In order to have added controls in place, yard waste sites were reduced in number but increased in size.
  • The implementation of two monitored sites with additional bins requires a larger paved area, so the Innovation Credit Union Iplex and the Swift Current Mall parking lots were the best locations for such a large footprint.

2. Why all the changes?

  • Previous seasons showed that people were disposing of plastic bags, household items, and overfilling the branch bins, contravening the purpose of the program, which is composting. 
  • By switching to just two monitored sites, but increasing the number of bins per site, yard waste collected will be free of contaminants and therefore suitable to make compost, instead of ending up in the landfill.

3. Why aren’t the sites open every day, all the time like last year?

  • The number of operational hours of the monitored sites were designated according to the operating budget allocated to yard waste.
  • However, the landfill also accepts residential yard waste and eligible branches Monday to Saturday, 8am – 5pm, free of charge if de-bagged onsite and if branches are under 8 inches in diameter.

4. What can I bring to the yard waste sites? 

  • Grass clippings, Leaves, Weeds, Plant Matter, Potting Soil
  • Branches – up to 8 inch diameter

5. What CAN’T I bring to the yard waste sites? 

  • No plastic bags, pots, household waste
  • Branches over 8 inch diameter – take to the landfill instead. Oversized branches are subject to fees, starting at $10 minimum. 
  • Commercial source yard waste or tree branches are not permitted. The program is for residents only. 

6. What about paper bags, can I dispose of those into the bins? 

  • Yes, compostable paper bags are permitted. Check with the attendant for specifics. 

7. Why do I have to separate yard waste like grass clippings from my branches?

  • Yard waste can be emptied into the yard waste bins for composting. 
  • Branches will go into a separate bin container for chipping onsite before going into compost.

Our thanks

With these modifications to the Residential Yard Waste program, we can ensure that the product from collection of yard waste is compostable and decrease the incidence of contamination experienced in previous years.  Please accept our gratitude for complying with the purpose of the program.