Swift Transit - High School Priority Service

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Swift Transit service for High School students

Swift Transit offers exclusive service for students of the Swift Current Comprehensive High School. This service is designed to assist students who reside within City limits: south of the Trans-Canada Highway and north of the Railway.


Students in this Central Zone of the City will be able to purchase Swift Transit Monthly Bus Passes for a subsidized rate of $50 per month, or pay $3 per ride, one way. These bus passes can be used for both regular Swift Transit operations and for the High School Priority service. Passes can be purchased any time at City Hall or from the Transit Operator (must have exact change).

The High School Priority service will operate two exclusive routes per school day (excluding all school breaks) with the following stops and times:

Morning Run:

7:30 AM 1671 Winnie St.
7:32 AM 1523 Chaplin St. E. 
7:34 AM  615 Chaplin St. E.
7:37 AM Downtown Hub
7:40 AM 820 1st Ave NW
7:42 AM 121 Sidney St. W. 
7:47 AM  5th Ave NW & Dufferin St.
7:48 AM 6th Ave NW & Herbert St. W.
7:50 AM 236 10th Ave NW 
8:00 AM END: SC Comp. High School


Afternoon Run: 

3:40 PM START: SC Comp. High School
3:45 PM 1671 Winnie Street
3:47 PM 1523 Chaplin St. E.
3:48 PM 615 Chaplin St. E.
3:49 PM Downtown Hub
3:53 PM  820 1st Ave NW 
3:55 PM  121 Sidney St. W. 
3:59 PM  5th Ave NW & Dufferin St. W. 
4:03 PM  6th Ave NW & Herbert St. W. 
4:06 PM 236 10th Ave NW 


Additionally, Swift Transit RED LINE service will accommodate students who reside in the Downtown/6th Avenue NE area, and who do not reside close to one of the three exclusive routes the RED LINE bus leaves the High School at 3:30 PM):

8:00 AM Downtown HUB
8:05 AM Heritage Towers
8:08 AM Powley Street & 6th Avenue NE
8:10 AM Entrepreneurial Centre



Please note: Swift Transit begins every morning at 7:00 and stops at the High School at :12 minutes past every hour and 3:30 PM Monday – Friday. When boarding at a time or location other than those shown above, please be aware of what time you will reach your destination.                     

Please visit www.swiftcurrent.ca/swifttransit for the full Swift Transit Schedule, or call 306-770-2263 for more information.