Mayor Denis Perrault

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perraultHis Worship, Mayor Denis Perrault, is a University of Saskatchewan graduate with extensive experience in management and corporate financial affairs, including audits, budgeting, strategic planning and human resources. As a Chartered Accountant and business professional, he has had the opportunity to work throughout the City of Swift Current, the province of Saskatchewan, and for four years in Bermuda. 

Throughout his career, Denis has lent his expertise to many organizations as both an auditor and advisor. His time spent in these roles, including work with not-for-profit organizations, rural municipalities, Aboriginal bands, small businesses, corporate farms, publicly-traded companies, reinsurance and insurance companies, has allowed him to grow his business acumen and expand his knowledge base.

In 2011, to further his professional development, Denis enrolled and successfully completed The Director’s College through McMaster University and obtained a Chartered Director Designation.
In 2009, Denis successfully ran for, and was elected to, the City of Swift Current’s City Council. Denis’ first term on City Council saw many successes, including:

  • Increased city communications and transparency,
  • The expansion of City boundaries through an integral partnership with the R.M. of Swift Current,
  • The renewal of vital city infrastructure,
  • Record-breaking building permits, and
  • Completion of the City’s Water Treatment Plant.

Denis was elected to a second term on City Council in 2012, and is very proud during that time to have worked with Administration to develop the City’s new Strategic Plan, with a vision of 25,000 residents by the year 2025. This ambitious goal of sustainable, municipal growth has been rewarded with economic confidence in the community since its inception, during which time two new, state-of-the-art schools and a first class new Long Term Care facility have opened, record business and property development has occurred, and the construction of a billion-dollar SaskPower Combined-Cycle Natural Gas Plant, to be completed in 2019, has been announced.

On Oct 26, 2016, Denis was elected as Mayor of the City of Swift Current, gaining 84.2% of the community’s votes...a record percentage in Swift Current’s history. Mayor Perrault’s focus for the next four years is to #growswift. This means working with businesses and residents in and around the community, and promoting and sharing the great story of Swift Current.

In addition to his Mayoral duties, Denis is the Vice Chair of Saskatchewan Government Insurance, also serving on the Audit, Finance and Investment Committees, and is the President of Paradise Business Consulting and 24-7 Self Storage. 

Denis and his wife, Leah, are the proud parents of their son, Luc.