Municipal Budget

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Municipal Budget
Each year, the City of Swift Current is required by The Cities Act and The Municipalities Act to prepare and adopt a Municipal Budget.

Please click the links below to view our 2010 – 2015 Municipal Budgets in full:

2016 Budget: Steady As We Grow

Welcome to the 2016 City of Swift Current Municipal Budget

There is no denying that Swift Current is a community moving in the right direction. We’re enjoying steady growth and, as a community, we’ve been experiencing the fruits of our diligent efforts to make Swift Current a desirable home for us all.

Our job as your municipal government is to manage your tax dollars responsibly and effectively, and to demonstrate to you that we are making the right decisions on your behalf and on behalf of future generations of residents who will call Swift Current home.

The links listed below will provide you with the details of our 2016 Municipal Budget, explaining how your hard-earned tax dollars are spent, and what you can expect as a result of our careful investments. We also have a short video that will provide you with information on how a municipal budget works and the services you can expect for your tax dollars. As you will discover, all of our investments are well thought out and aligned with our best efforts to keep Swift Current steady as we grow.