Uploading existing RiS Certificates

Press Enter to show all options, press Tab go to next option

If you already have a Respect in Sport certificate through another organization (ie. Hockey Canada, Sask Sport, etc.) you will need to import it on the appropriate website.

In order to import a certificate, you must go to the following website: https://swiftcurrentalpublic.respectgroupinc.com/

From there, you will need to click on “Import” and put in the certification number from your existing certificate. You will be asked to answer a security question that you would have set up when you first took the training. 

Once that is complete, a summary page will show the import date at the top right of your screen. Print a screenshot of this page, as well as a print-off of the summary page, and take them to the detachment when completing the record check with the RCMP for the Youth Certified Card.